About Sound Money Campaign

SoundMoneyCampaign.com is a dedicated advocate of honest money, this means money that is determined by the free markets, not governments, and not central banks.

The United States Dollar is the world reserve currency, medium of exchange, and for all intents and purposes, the world’s money. However it is not sound money, it is manipulated, devalued, and ultimately is nothing more than a piece of paper that represents debt. The U.S. Dollar originally became the world reserve currency because of its tie to gold, however in 1971 under President Nixon, the dollar’s last tie to gold was severed. Since then we have seen a loss of purchasing power due to inflation. In 1971 it took 36 cents for a gallon of regular gasoline, 53 cents for a dozen eggs, and $1.18 for a gallon of milk. It is important to understand that the dollar has no inherent value, it is just a medium of exchange in order to get the goods and services you want, so in order for this much destruction to happen to a medium of exchange, you have to realize that it is not the goods and services that are rising, but the value of the dollar that is falling.

World citizens have been conditioned to believe that money comes from the government or central banks. Our goal with SoundMoneyCampaign.com is to help educate as many people as possible about what money actually is, its purpose, and why we need to end the central banking scheme that has enslaved humanity.

With educating the population about money, we can then start to rethink what is real value. For example, once you understand real value, you will stop looking at your net worth in dollars and start looking at it in terms of real things like gold. With an educated population and an advocate for alternative currencies, outside the banking system, like gold or bitcoin, we believe we can end the central banker occupation by opting out of their system completely. Please sign-up for our free newsletter to receive our latest articles, research reports, videos, and sound money stock suggestions (real value) reports.

”Paper money has had the effect in your State that it ever will have, to ruin commerce — oppress the honest, and open a door to every species of fraud and injustice.”
-George Washington